Thursday, April 30, 2009


ENDGAME is on for the LTTE's land, air and sea borne terrorist hordes. As the combined Sri Lankan Defence Forces sweep through the previously tamil tiger dominated terrain the sea-tigers have succumbed to their devastatingly effective counter terror strategies implemented in a relentless campaign.

The sea-tigers have been virtually wiped out from the Sri Lankan waters as a credible force and even their attempts to launch any naval craft dealt with forcefully not only from the seas, but from land and air as well.

In the most recent such engagement SL Navy destroyed four sea tiger craft including a suicide boat, killing at least 25 sea tigers. These craft never even made it to the waters from where they were hidden in the jungle and were destroyed close to the beach. At least two large sized (40 feet long) attack craft were later found smouldering on their carriages.

In another development, a well designed large sized and high speed suicide craft capable of carrying a large warhead was captured on land. This craft could achieve speeds faster than some of the SLN's Dvora attack craft and could be manuevered from a distance via remote control. With its capability to deliver at least 2000lbs of high explosive in a high speed ram against any vessel, it could have been designed to strike a major naval target of the SLN.

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v said...

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The Difference is unmistakeable

The Difference is unmistakeable