Wednesday, April 1, 2009


THE sea tigers apparently don't want to go without a fuss. A few days ago, a 4-5 boat sea tiger flotilla tried to approach the government dominated areas in Mullaitivu by mingling among a group of other boats carrying civillians.

These were spotted and engaged by a few navy Rapid Action boat squadron craft which the tigers managed to repulse. Soon other Navy gunboats arrived on the scene and after protracted fighting destroyed all the sea tiger boats, killing at least 26 tigers along with a top ranker.

The navy is currently engaged in a multi-pronged offensive, maintaining a four tier surveillance zone around the Mullaitivu sea coast, ferrying men and material for the SLDF and also providing cover for the civillians escaping from the human shield of the tigers. Special boat squadron troops of the navy also conduct commando operations together with army special ops groups on many fronts.

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The Difference is unmistakeable

The Difference is unmistakeable