Sunday, June 7, 2009


THE END finally arrived for the sea-tigers as the last of them were deployed in one desperate suicidal attempt to rescue the cornered LTTE leadership including the leader of the much feared tamil tiger navy.

The sea-tiger attacking force was allowed to land and then were completely wiped out by well entrenched Sri Lankan Defence forces, who used the distraction to assist the remaining tamil civillians escape from the human shield held in the areas surrounding the bunkers occupied by the LTTE leadership. At least 70 sea-tigers were killed in the final round of fighting on the last day.

The end came for the LTTE leadership swiftly after that. After the last shot of the war was fired sometime either on May 18th or 19th, the sea-tiger leader Soosai's dead body was located along with those of other LTTE leaders in the proximity of a lake.

Sri Lanka will never again allow for any armed group to dominate any part of the country, including our territorial waters.

ENDGAME has come.

The Difference is unmistakeable

The Difference is unmistakeable