Friday, August 28, 2009


THE days of skirmishing in green or brown water is over for the SLN. The world's most operational naval force is looking to its future role.

Having struggled with its baby teeth for a while, the SLN finally grew its fangs and claws. And then went after the Sea-Tigers in a series of spectacular actions whose scale, intensity and tactical brilliance left other much hyped big budget navies stunned, breathless and wanting to know how our lads did it. The world now has to deal with the realization that the Sri Lankans have finally grown up and are big enough to get a real job.

Sri Lanka now has to reclaim our territorial position in the sea lanes of the fastest growing part of the world. While Sri Lanka was combating her internal threats, our maritime borders have begun to shrink as others inched into some of those areas. Now it becomes the responsibility of the Navy primarily to redefine and defend our territory far out to the seas.

Our most successful naval action so far has been accomplished primarily with the use of Offshore Patrol Craft [OPVs] of Indian and US origin. Close in shore combat patrolling is done mainly by a combination of foreign and locally built fast attack craft.

The Sri Lankan Navy today formally commisions the latest additions to her fleet, SLNS Sayurala, a 1160 Ton OPV of Indian origin. Formally named the ICGS Vigraha, she was a Vikram class ship commisioned in 1990 and has been in active duty with the SLN since August 2008. Here are some specifics of this ship.

Length: 74 meters Beam : 11.4 meters Draught: 3.2 Meters
Engines: 2 Diesels of 6200 horse power Range : 8500 nautical miles at 16 knots.

The ship is designed to carry either one Sea King Mk 42B or one HAL Chetak helicopter in addition to a solid hulled fast craft and two inflatables.

While in service with the Indian Navy it was armed with a 30mm automatic cannon and a number of 7.62 machine guns. The Sri Lankan Navy can be expected to come up with their own armaments mix based on changing threat perceptions.


දේශපාලුවා said...

Here is my analysis, why the General's loss is inevitable.

Why General Sarath Fonseka cannot win

Srilankan said...

Mrs B, gave Sepala Attygalle the Weasel the NEVER BEFORE UNPRECEDENTED EXTENSION. So there is precedence even though Sarath Pawnseka's appointment even went further. Mrs B gave Sepala Attygalle the extension because he went behind Anuruddha Ratwatte, carried tales, acted like a bag boy for Anura Bandaranaike even carrying his bag from a aeroplane, ingratiated himself and put fears in Mrs B’s head about General Denis Perera because Denis was CATHOLIC. Mrs B did not listen to the good people in her family who advised against this unfair extension but Anura B and Anuruddha won the debate and deprived Denis. Denis was only appointed AFTER the UNP won in 1977. Sepala the weasel then carried tales for JR Too and betrayed Mrs B. He is the ONLY bastard who avoided saying the official goodbye to Mrs B as tradition has it. All 3 service commanders and the police chief bid the outgoing PM goodbye. Sepala Attygalle was the Sarath Fonseka of his time. Only one who outsmarted this weasel was Chandrika. She got him to give evidence against Ranil and then got rid of the bastard who was made Air Lanka Chairman by JR after he retired as Army commander. Denis Perera will attest to this chain of events. He was an honorable man but because of Mrs B’s fears of the catholic action coup in 1962 and her biases she prevented his rightful appt. of course no one was able to defeat Tigers until Sarath because we had drunkards, yes men, Sai Baba men, born again nutcase Christians and a host of incompetent yes men as commanders during the Eelam wars. We had jokers who along with Anuruddha launched wars with Auspicious times; jokers who wanted to force the Bible on troops; jokers who stopped serving beef etc because they became Sai Baba fans.

Srilankan said...

In SF's dictionary, there is no word called "WE", So his world of vision has been centered towards himself!
He speaks as he fought against LTTE alone, with no support from other military forces, Defense Secretary, Government or the president (infact now he says that MR and his government not only gave no help, but also disturbed him!!!).
During the war and even soon after the war SF used to mention that MR extended his service just 16days before his retirement, and infact still there are enough youtube videos as evidences for that. But now SF says that there has been nothing like that and he had three more years to retire even at that time (see this weekend newspapers).
Even the most corrupted politicians do not behave like this, and what's more we could expect from a person with these qualities?
This man is trying to portray as he is the moral guardian in Sri Lanka. Recently we heard that the parcel of land he was getting from Sri Lankan government is a gift. The President earlier agreed to offer the 3 service chiefs plots of land to build a house to the extent of 10 perches at Kirimandala Mawatha allocated for a public project. SF is the greedy one who asked for 15 then 25. A perch is estimated to be 3.5 million rupees. That is over 900 million rupees of property he is getting from the government as a gift. Then he did not vacate Army Commanders residence or the quarters at HQ when he took over the office of CDS. He did not even want the guard at Army HQ changed to coincide with the new commander’s regiment. The government has treated him with due respect and regard for assisting in the terrorism war. But he seems to have had his agenda from the beginning to have raised the issues he did on his resignation letter. In his public address he is trying to say that he always do what he says. But he also said that he has no political ambitions and never enter politics saying that he only know to fight. What does he say about that? He is only a power hungry Army man, who will destroy the fabric of democracy in Sri Lanka, and if that happens UNP and JVP should be held accountable.

Srilankan said...

Guess Mangala was right, this guy is not suitable to lead even the salvation army!
When people like Jagath Jayasuriya, Shavendra, Prasanna Silva, Jagath Dias, Kamal Gunarathne retire, we will call them true patriots !
General SF, what a lousy loser you are!

Why are you talking about these now, and accusing the Defense Secretary?

You are a shameless, power-hungry, brainless idiot of a man. You would have been good as an army commander, but I will not trust you to run the country. You are as big-mouthed and loose-tongued as Ranil Wickramasinghe. No matter what you proclaim about your great military strategies, you would have achieved nothing without the Rajapakse brother’s giving the political leadership.

I don’t like the corruption done by you during your time as a army commander to support your son in law in arms dealings. I will not cast my vote for you. I will give it to president Rajapkase. You have lost whatever respect I had for you. No matter what happens to you personally, you should not be betraying the members of the team that stood together to defeat the most ruthless group of terrorists in the world.

Nadesan and Pulidevan were a part of that monstrous group, and this was not conventional warfare. They got what they dished out to the innocent civilians during the 3 decades of brutal terrorist activities.

Shame on you General, shame on you.

When You decided to sleep with dogs ! You know what will heppen Next?

I hope that you have a ‘landslide’ loss at the elections and keep your dog close enoigh to protect you.

Idiot – if you do not know what to talk keep your mouth shut!

Srilankan said...

My sincere wish is that this hero cum traitor should die from a car accident or lightning or heart attack for giving false statement to Sunday leader newspaper regarding our most distinguished defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa ordered the killing of pilliyan and Nadesan the most ruthless terrorists in the world during the last stage of the war after waving white flags to surrender.

Does any one in my peaceful homeland can believe such rubbish talk from a hero who became a General after the war.Thanks for the President for giving him that position and make this dirty traitor a hero. He got this hero label by doing heroics things during the dirty war as a soldier.

Our President was so greatful for his valuable service and offered him this post but this dirty harry didnt appreciate what he did to him and now standing against the President of our country to get power and wealth to his hands by hook or crook. When someone in his position utters words like that who will take the benefit?

These are dangerous words and will bring bad name to our country and to its peoples. Did he think of the Armed Forces where he fought for the last thirty five years when he utter those words in front of cameras and the electronic media of their own. Did he not think that our Government will be in question by the so called International community when they hear such rubbish from a citizen of my country who was called a hero sometimes back.

He is doing more damage to us than the LTTE done during past thirty years. He is a dirtiest traitor I have ever seen or heard in my whole life. His statements were shocked and saddened to me. I cannot believe a Sinhala person will betray like this to his own country and to his peoples at this hour of peace. Sinhalayas like him betrayed in the past siding with white masters etc but this betrayal is the worst and I condemn this dirtiest guy in a very strongest way as I am too is a pure sinhala blood.

This is the time we should forget the past and think of the future without reminding the past and talk about your own heroism. If you want the vote of the people you should talk about the issues of the day not rubbish and lies like this and bring shame to our country. You dirty harry stop immediately all this nonsence before you bring disaster to the country and to our leaders.

Srilankan said...

If you dont know any politics just go home and sleep with your wife and enjoy your retirement.Dont make us angry. Allow our nation to celebrate our famous victory and bring peace and happiness to our peoples. This is the time for progress not for killing and dividing each other. Our nation is a buddhist nation and our leaders trying to make a just society by uniting the people of all faiths,colours,and religion dont spoil it you dirty traitor.

Tell something useful rather than promising utter rubbish like raising salary by ten thousand,opening liquor bars to people to drink as much as they like,abolishing presidential rule, dividing the nation in to pieces etc. You retired army man dont think that you are General Musharaf of Pakistan. He is really a hero and a brave man and loved his country, not like you go against the country and leaders for not giving you enough after the war.

What you need more you retired traitor? You got a house, land,car,body guards,money etc what else you need and the highest position in the Armed Forces What else you need.We know you need the Presidents chair to sit and dream of your fairyland? AH! Are you out of your mind? Do you think our beloevd citizens will make you the king? What is your qualifications? Being friends to the all time traitors like Ranil,Mangalaya,Hakeem,Mano and the red clowns?

Mr.Retired man dont utter rubbish because you are a garbage now in the eyes of our citizens so best thing to do is to shut your dirty mouth and retire for good otherwise mother nature will send you to hell. Tell your dirty friends enough is enough because no one believe your stories and you guys dont have new stories to tell the voters so dont dirty our paradise isle of SRI LANKA any more retirement is the best medicine for you and to your stooges.
Your days are numbered after that you have to check the world map to find a place to live except you go to your white masters in America and live a luxury life with your crooked family. Our wish and prayers to our beloved President Mahinda Rajapaksa always to bring our homeland to the world stage to live in dignity and proud not for a traitor like you NEVER,NEVER,NEVER?

Expert Inspector said...

* Can a former army chief who could not even cooperate with his fellow navy commander be expected to bridge the gap between two different ideologies such as of the UNP and JVP?

* Can a person who could not be satisfied even with powers of the Defence Secretary be expected to shed the immense powers of the Executive Presidency if he could ever grab that power?

* Can a person who was not ready to share the credit of the victory with the others who made great contributions be expected to share the political power with the rest?

* Can a person who chose to team up with the corrupt at the outset of his political career be expected to eliminate corruption in the country later?

* If by any chance, he was involved with attacking and murdering journalists who wrote against him, can he be expected to establish democracy in the country?

* Above all, can a man who is ready to betray the very same people who once helped him so dearly for own advantage, be expected establish good governance in the country?

v said...

I really liked your article. I was in the Navy for 8 years, and wrote a book called "NAVY FUN" I think your readers would enjoy. You can get it as a book, or as a digital download at Amazon for only $2.99!

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