Sunday, December 28, 2008


Even though the SLN located and destroyed this vessel and four other escort boats of the LTTE, it is believed that the Tigers managed to unload at least half of the weapons carried on board before the encounter.

The LTTE's enhanced fire power in display since then is attributed to this shipment.

In the meantime, MI reports that the Sea-Tiger leader Soosai has refused to engage naval units in combat and the logistical functions are currently handled by a group still loyal to the LTTE leader Velupillai.

In further proof of splits in the terror outfit, the LTTE's intelligence head and former heir apparent Pottu Amman has been side lined. Other reports say that Balraj, another accomplished terrorist who supposedly died a natural death a few months ago was also assasinated before he could defect with a large number of cadres. Sri Lankan Military Intelligence had apparently been instrumental in turning him, as they did with Karuna.

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The Difference is unmistakeable

The Difference is unmistakeable